Sports Facilities Development

Sports Facilities Development

Provides a wide range of professional services including consultancy, development, advisory, marketing and operational services to developers and owners of high quality country, recreational, and athletic clubs, through a comprehensive management system which is dedicated to maximising services and events offered by the Club leading to membership satisfaction and thus increasing profits for the developers and owners.


  1. Pre-development Services 
    The Scope of Services offered is broad and begins with feasibility studies, including site evaluation, market potential, concept development and financial viability calculations.

  2. Development Advisory Services
    The Scope of Services varies from providing the needed technical assistance for the project in the design and construction phase to the preparation of operational start-up requirements giving specific assistance in the development and management of Sports facilities and services. 

    - Design & Construction
    - Operational Start-up
    - Sports Related Services

  3. Operational Management

From the time the club becomes operational, we will be responsible to the owners for establishing and overseeing comprehensive management services for the club, and for maintaining the quality control of the operation.


 We will recruit all club staff, including department heads, and will be responsible for the coordination and supervision of all aspects of the club’s management system, including food and beverage operations, accounting and administration, all sports operations, member relations and club promotions, etc. 


We will also oversee and continue with all development and marketing services initiated during the pre-opening phase, which would logically extend into operations.