Scope of services

Sports Facilities  Development

Sports Facilities Development

Provides a wide range of professional services including consultancy, development, advisory, marketing and operational services to developers and owners of high quality country, recreational, and athletic clubs, through a comprehensive management system which is dedicated to maximising services and events offered by the Club leading to membership satisfaction and thus increasing profits for the developers and owners.


  1. Pre-development Services 
    The Scope of Services offered is broad and begins with ...

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Kids Sports  Programs

Kids Sports Programs

The Kids Sports Division is responsible for designing and organizing a series of sports camps and programs for schools and kids in order to:

- Give the children the opportunity to participate in something they love and enjoy without the stress of high level competition and necessity of high skill level.

- Give the children the opportunity to succeed in something and maybe taste some glory before being thrust into the ...

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Special Projects  & Sport Events

Special Projects & Sport Events

The Events & Special Projects Division is responsible for management & organizing Special Sports Events & Projects on both the recreational and professional levels.


The company adopts a professional approach in organizing these events and offers its services for both the private and public sectors, managing the project from the early stages of planning to marketing and implementation.


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