The Company

The Company

The Company

S-TEAM is a Sports Management Company which was established in 2004 to fill a gap in the Egyptian Sports Market. Backed by the history of its founders as sportsmen who reached international levels and their accumulated experience through direct involvement in management and administration of various sports disciplines.


Through the diversity of its Scope of Works spanning over various fields of the Sport Business like, Sport Facilities Concept Development & Management, Sports Academies Operation, Kids Sports Events & Special  Projects and Sport Tourism, S-TEAM was able to build an integrated network of local, reginal and international contacts and business partnerships with stakeholders in the various fields of the Sport Business; which not only positioned the company as one of the leading Sport Services Providers, but also drived its founders to extend their reach beyond the Egyptian Market.


S-TEAM believes in the role that Sports play in the development of communities. This development that cannot be reached without the professional management of all aspects related to Sport, from the facilities themselves to the programs and activities offered by these facilities. 


S-team endeavours to promote and administrate a variety of professionally sound Sport Management Systems & Programs leading to a more comprehensive and enjoyable sports experience.